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Helping Local Businesses Since 1981

Since the creation of the Williamson Road Area Business Association in 1981, we have been helping this area of Roanoke, VA become a thriving business district. In 1993, we secured Williamson Road Area Special Service District (SSD) to help acquire more funds to get the job done swiftly, and we have the backing required to accomplish the task in the right way. We are a nonprofit 501(c)(6) voluntary membership organization and do this work because we believe in our neighborhood and business owners. We understand for businesses to want to come to Williamson Road, it needs to be an attractive location filled with other successful companies. These also help enrich the community members and raise the value of their property and give them a sense of pride, which is invaluable. Of the 450 businesses on Williamson Road, we have 125 of them as volunteer members, and we are always looking to add more. Please contact us today if you would be interested in joining our association!

Meet the WRABA Board Members

The great thing about Williamson Road Area Business Association is our board members are business owners within the area. They understand what is needed and required for our area to succeed and how to attract these other businesses to come and make your neighborhood a better place to visit. You can find them all listed below as well as the company they represent:

  • President: Walter Vance (Northwest Hardware)
  • Vice President: William Dixon (Freedom First FCU)
  • Secretary: June Light Turner (BARROWS)
  • Treasurer: Chuck Neely (Neely’s Accounting Service)
  • Chaplain: Josh Coldren (Crossroads Baptist Church)
  • Penny Burch (Magic City Motors)
  • Ernie Chandler (OVM Financial, Inc)
  • Chris Chittum (Roanoke City)
  • Rebecca James (Roanoke County)
  • Bob Jones (Air-Lee Properties, Inc.)
  • Gene McGuire (Berglund)
  • Mike Pendleton (Edward Jones)
  • John Porter (Porter’s Automotive)
  • Chad Scott (First Citizens Bank)
  • Brian Tucei (Roanoke Wire & Electronics)
  • Bonny Viar (Famous Anthony’s)

Team Work Makes the Dream Work at WRABA

As important as it is to have business minds in a team like ours, it doesn’t discount the need to have workers join. We are always welcoming new members from the surrounding community because only as a team can we reach all of our goals for Williamson Road. Creating a unified voice allows us to build something much more significant than ourselves in the community. We have helped build festivals and events such as Restaurant Week, where local restaurants and neighbors celebrate each other. Please reach out if you have further questions about membership or our team.

WRABA and You, Partners for Progress