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Williamson Road Area Business Association logo

February 6, 2018

Property/Business Owner
RE: Williamson Road Improvements
Dear Sir or Madam,
You are receiving this letter because you are a property or business owner on Williamson Road and your input is important to us.

I think we can all agree that Williamson Road between Orange and Angell Avenues is dated and worn. In order for Williamson Road to have a prosperous future, developers, businesses and customers must find an area friendly and attractive. They tell me they need to see investments in the area that update and uplift the area. In other words, Williamson Road is in great need of a facelift!

The Williamson Road Area Business Association (WRABA) board, charged with improving and promoting economic development along the Williamson Road Corridor, believes improvements to the road are in the best interest of the area businesses and commerce. We have initiated conversations with Roanoke City transportation experts and invited a broad range of stakeholders to be a part of the process. Announcements of meetings and invitations to participate were issued via multiple public announcements including, but not limited to, local TV and radio news casts and newspaper articles, via our quarterly newsletter posted on our web site, and Facebook Posts. We involved representatives from:

  • Neighborhood groups
    • Ben Burch, Air Lee Court Neighborhood Watch
    • Bert Boyd, Greater Grandview Neighborhood Watch
    • Joanne Lynch, Huntington Court Neighborhood Watch

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