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Williamson Road Post office Closes March 2011

What has been a concern for businesses and residents of the Williamson Road Area for the past ten years becomes a reality in March 2011. The Williamson Road branch of the Post Office is closing.

This location has been on the list of possible closings for about ten years now. As recently as a year ago businesses and residents alike again waged the battle to save this branch. Actually, it was thought the battle was won when, after much opposition and strong support from Congressman Bob Goodlatte’s Office, the branch stayed open through a round of proposed cuts. This time it is for real and came with no prior notice to the local Postmaster or the Congressman’s Office.

If you have a post office box at this branch that renews in January, February or March of 2011, your box will not be renewed. You can choose to receive your mail at your street address or get a different box at another branch. The Main Post Office and the branch in Brookside Plaza are your closest options.

If your box rental at the Williamson Road branch renewal occurs between April and December of 2011 your box will be moved to the Main Post Office and used until renewal time when you will have to make other arrangements such as a different box at that or another branch or receiving at your street address.

Once you have made your decision as to where you would like to receive your mail, be sure to change your address with vendors, the IRS and banks. Don’t forget to let us know!

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