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WRABA Spreads Christmas cheer

This is the eleventh year of a project we at WRABA call Christmas Cheer. This program is a partnership with the four schools in our area, Round Hill, Preston Park, Monterey and Burlington, to provide children with a Merry Christmas. WRABA’s Executive Director receives the wishes of several children from these schools and WRABA Members then adopt the Angels and provide them with Christmas gifts out of their own generosity and pockets. In addition to gifts, WRABA members also donate to the project so each child also receives a stuffed stocking containing toiletries, snacks, coloring books, crayons and a stuffed animal to cuddle.

This has been a project WRABA is extremely proud of. We feel that the children are our future customers, employees and possibly business owners! In short, they ARE our future. Additionally, we feel strongly that everyone should have a positive holiday experience. It is times like this we can make a difference in the life of a child and, in addition to adding happiness today, maybe introducing them to the fact that others care and there is a reason to work hard and succeed! If you wish to participate in this program, feel free to call the WRABA office for details.

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