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Knox-box rapid entry systems

WRABA would like to make you aware of a security feature that could save unnecessary expense in the case of a fire, medical emergency or fire alarm call. This device could save lives! It is called a KNOX-BOX Rapid Entry System. This system provides secure, non-destructive emergency access to commercial and residential properties 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To date more then 8,000 fire departments and government agencies use KNOX-BOX equipment for safe and secure rapid entry.

What does it do? The KNOX-BOX system securely mounts to your building and acts as a lock box holding the code or keys to your property in a way in which only emergency personnel can access. It ensures time saving response to false alarms and gives firefighters or emergency personnel safe entry to your property with our force or injury. Imagine you have an emergency and the only way in is to breakdown your front doors. The expense of door replacement can be very high and is an avoidable expense.

Also imagine you or an employee are in your building with a medical emergency. You were able to reach the phone to call 911, but you are unable to get to the door and let them in. The KNOX-BOX could literally save your life!

How does it work? The KNOX-BOX is mounted on your property and can only be accessed by emergency personnel. Upon response to a call or alarm at your location, the emergency personnel access the property via the KNOX-BOX preventing extensive damage and reducing precious moments to handle the situation.

Beginning September 1, 2006, Roanoke Fire-EMS made it mandatory for all new business owners, with a new fire protection system, to purchase the KNOX-BOX Rapid Entry System.

Business Owners with existing systems that cannot have a key holder on the premises within 20 minutes will also be required to install a KNOX-BOX Raid Entry System.

Premises with locked gates that limit accessibility to buildings will be required to purchase KNOX-BOX Rapid Entry System.

Please contact the Roanoke City Fire Marshal’s Office at (540) 853-2795 or the Roanoke County Fire Marshal’s Office (540) 777-8732 for more information and to order your KNOX-BOX Rapid Entry System…..

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