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Join the WRABA Community Organization Today!

If you are interested in helping rebuild, clean up, and restore Williamson Road, then please reach out to our staff! Our community organization is always looking for new members who are dedicated to the community. The Williamson Road Area Business Association staff have dedicated themselves to returning this area to its former glory by helping businesses and cleaning the area. The potential for this area is there, and our team wants to improve by giving it our time, attention, and affection. By bringing on new members, we can provide even more and quickly reach our goals. Once we do? We set even higher and bigger goals to help this portion of Roanoke, VA. Help us get to work by joining our team today!

people volunteering at food pantry

Main Goals for Williamson Road Area Business Association

New members help us bring our unified message to the community and accomplish our goals. We set achievable and attainable objectives to help keep ourselves focused and making progress. When you become a new member, you will be able to bring your ideas to the table and explain how they can help given your experience in the corridor. Below are some of the goals we have realized in our time as a community organization:

  • Updating Local Utilities
  • Storm Drain Repairs
  • Redevelopment of Properties
  • Adopt-A-Street Quarterly Street Cleaning Crews
  • Hold Festivals for Economic Development and Growth
  • Applied for Grants to Improve Properties
  • And So Much More

Benefits of Joining A Community Organization

Outside of the personal benefits of helping revitalize your neighborhood, you can gain so many more from joining our community organization. Williamson Road Area Business Association offers you a quarterly newsletter, monthly member meetings with informative speakers, business network opportunities, and access to a resource center equipped with a computer, copier, fax, and meeting spaces. We are always looking for more partners in progress. If you have questions about our team or goals we are currently completing, let us know, and we will get you the answers you are looking for today!

WRABA and You, Partners for Progress